Mod podge..the true love of my life

Mod podge is amazing stuff.  I was introduced to it about 2 years ago from a friend and we went mod podge crazy.  We decided that mod podge could literally make anything awesome!  I began using it to decorate picture frames for gifts and even boxes in my room just to give them a decorative touch.

Lately my mom has been on an organizing streak and decided that we needed to cover old shoe boxes with different colored scrap book pages and mod podge to give our closets a cute new look.  Along with covering the shoe boxes tonight I decided to put scrap book paper in the front of my clear plastic container in my room to match my room colors which are red, black, and white.  The final product turned out precious!


All you need is scrap book paper of your choice, mod podge, a foam paint brush, scissors, and of course your plastic box.  First you measure the fronts of the plastic drawers.  Next, I used a pencil to draw on the scrap book paper the shape I needed.  I cut the paper out and made sure it fit in the front of the drawer and made some adjustments off the edges.  I used my foam brush to brush mod podge on the inside of the drawer.  Before this dries you lay your paper in and then I mod podged over the paper.  I used my fingers to smooth out any air bubbles or wipe away any extra glue.  I decided that alternating the paper would be a cute way to make the drawers look different.  You can do it however your heart desires!

Happy crafting!




halloween costumes.

For Halloween last year my friends and I wanted to doing something different & creative & this is what we came up with “paper, rock, & scissors.” These were so much fun to make but not so much fun to wear out to the bar 🙂 We got so many compliments the entire night & we did see other girls with the same idea but ours definitely was the cutest one there!  My friends didn’t want the pieces to be so big, but I figured the bigger the better.  We went all out.  The most difficult one to make was the scissors.  They were a little bit of a challenge to cut out, but after a few trial and error tries of how to get the perfect set of scissors we figured it out.  All three pieces were made out of big pieces of foam poster boards.  The only other materials we used to make these costumes were paint, a glue gun with glue, and ribbon.  We made a front and back to each persons outfit and connected the boards with ribbon that hung over our shoulders.  I wish I had more detailed pictures, but this was from last year.  Oh & the one other thing I forgot was we made the headbands just to clarify what exactly we were and just because they were fun! We bought plain headbands at Hobby Lobby and hot glued the glittery scrapbook paper with each word on top of the headband.

This costume was so much fun to make & wear! I hope that I can come up with something just as good this year! I’ve already been searching on the internet for something unique 🙂 Stay tuned..Halloween is just around the corner!

The start of something new.

So I’m back at blogging again.  As I walked around Hobby Lobby today I thought I should really collect all of my crafting projects and put them together in a blog to share with others.  I have recently decided I want to expand my crafting horizons and teach myself a lot of new things like how to make fondant on cakes.  I will be blogging before and after pictures of things I have painted or mod podged (I am a mod podge queen..I LOVE that stuff) ha but anyways I am going to be playing catch up for a while with all of the other things I have created in the last year but eventually I will try to post my most recent creations!  The holidays are quickly approaching and that is always the time of year that I become most inspired to COOK & CRAFT! 🙂

Hopefully my readers will be inspired & never be afraid to ask questions! So any who lets go get our CRAFT ON!!!!